Dude Squiggles, is that you? You look pretty rad? What's going on?
Haven't you heard Chunk? "Random Acts of Zhu" is back!
Hooray! I love "RAZ." What are we doing this year Squiggles?
It's pretty raz-tastic Jilly. ZhuZhu Pets donated 100 ZhuZhu Pets toys to 100 bloggers. Each of those selected bloggers, has the opportunity to donate their toys to the charity of their choice. This way everyone has a chance to make a difference!
Squeaky. Squeak. Way to bring in the true holiday spirit ZhuZhu friends! Squeak!
That's right Pispqeak, and remember: 100 bloggers + 100 ZhuZhus = 10,000 smiles. The power to make a difference lies within zhu!