Those questions were pretty hard, but good job everyone for figuring it out!

1: There are some amazing new characters coming out in the future for everyone to enjoy! You may have seen them on the back of some packaging that is in stores now. There is a great new girl named Jilly, who is sporting some pink and white. There is also a dark brown hamster named Scoodles, a black and white buddy, who goes by the name Winkie, and last but not least, Nugget! 

2: Did you know Zhu Zhu Pets™ fans that each of the hamsters make their OWN noises? Take a minute and listen to the hamsters as they run around. Each piece of the track allows the hamsters to make cool and funny noises. Enjoy each Zip, Zoom, Bang, and MOOOOO from the hamsters!!

3: Each of the hamsters has a special birthmark on their back. Jilly has cherries (she is sweet and happy!), Winkie has a footprint (he is a world traveler!), Scoodles has a nut (he loves nuts and being nutty!!), and Nugget has a butterfly (she is a daydreamer and loves chasing butterflies!)

What birthmark would best represent your personalities, kids? 

Have a great day everyone, and be sure to keep checking the blog for updates, podcasts, and movies!